Mobility Aids for Animal Patients

As humans, most of us also know that the more bed rest we have without exercise, the longer the rehabilitation process is going to take. Even after major surgery, we are usually advised to get out of bed and start exercising under supervision. Patients are seldom prescribed bed rest for extended periods of time. Physiotherapists are trained to speed up the recovery process and have techniques to assist a patient to become more mobile with the aid of crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair.

When it comes to animals, the same rehabilitation approach applies. After an illness, injury or surgery, it is important to get an animal moving as soon as possible - and to stay mobile. This helps to keep limbs and joints flexible. As most pets - if given the opportunity - will drag themselves around if they are not properly confined, the question is: how can you get your pet moving without risk of further injury?

Kloof Physiotherapy keeps a stock of and can order various mobility aids for disabled, infirm or recovering dogs that will assist most mobility or paralysed conditions.

In most cases your pet will be assessed for suitability of a specific aid and measured to ensure that the item is manufactured to the correct size, except where standard sizes are available.

Prices of the following items are available on request.


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